At Discovery Montessori School we have a dedicated group of staff members who provide excellent education and learning opportunities for the children. Our Directress are all fully Montessori trained and have a total of at least 50 years of combined teaching experience.

 Ms. Lakshmi Mohan

Office Manager 
Ms. Kala Bagley

Elementary Directress :
Ms. Latha Thimmiyan
Asst Directress 
Jennifer Ousley 
Primary and Kindergarten Directress:
Ms. Lakshmi Mohan

Pre-Primary Directress: 
Ms Jessica Kriess

Art Teacher
Mr Micah
Spanish Teacher 
Ms. Ana Romo

Classical Music Teacher : 
Ms. Tricia Thomson

Creative Movement Teacher :
 Ms Jen Gorlando

World Music and Drumming
Mr Baba 

Assistant Teachers:

Ms. Rashmi 
Ms Shahida
Ms Roshini 
Ms Angel 
Ms Divya