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Memorable moments of Discovery Montessori: A journey to remember!

I recall when Shreyas first went to Discovery Montessori….he was 3 ½ years old. I was told that they let the child decide the activity they do. I was concerned that Shreyas did not like writing. For the first couple of weeks, I would ask everyday if he spent anytime writing. The teachers assured me that he would want to write one day, when he is ready. I would ask, “What if he never wants to write?” The experienced teachers assured me that every child wants to, at some point or other. Believing in the success stories I heard from my friends, I waited patiently. And then it happened. I saw him get more interested in writing, drawing. It was true, it was so much more effective when it was ‘his’ idea rather than when I was insisting!!


Then one fine day, the teacher wanted me to see what he had worked on that day. He re-did it in front of me. He arranged an array of numbers from 1 to 100 within 5 minutes. As he worked on the second line, I saw the ‘17’ placed upside down. As tempted as I was to correct it, the teacher advised me not to say anything. To my surprise, once he completed the third row, he identified his mistake and went back to fix it. I could have never figured this strength in a child until I followed the Montessori approach!


After the first 3-4 months in the Montessori school, I did not see any sheets from school where my 4 year old had written 1-10 numbers. I was starting to get anxious! Under the old school system, I was impatient as to when he would write from 1-10, then 11-20 and so on….Until one day, on  a weekend we found ourselves arguing with each other, negotiating on the number of stickers he would get. That’s when I realized that he not only knew his numbers through hundreds, but also knew the logic of smaller than and greater than, all the way through thousands. It was an amazing discovery!!! Since then, I never questioned the Montessori methods! 

Jyothi Meenakshi

Mrs Prusa, (Leo) Alumni's mom

Today I visited Discovery Montessori with my 18 year old son Leo.  He’s about to go off The University of Cincinnati to start his freshman year in the #1 program in the country for Industrial Design.  It’s only appropriate that he would choose this major, since he thrived under Mrs. Mohan’s hands on learning 15 years ago.  His little sister, Moira, starts her 9th grade year in both the IB and pre-engineering programs at Firestone this fall.   She still treasures the pillows she made with Ms. Hancock a decade ago.

Both kids drew on skills from those early years to be successful later in school.  Leo formed an early love of geography at 3.  I have maps of every continent that Leo made with pushpins and construction paper.  That hands on learning sparked an interest that allowed him to win his school competition and score high enough to  compete in the Ohio State Geo Bee in 4th-8th grades. Of 100 finalists, he was the only 4th grader that first year. In his senior year, Leo took Calc I & II at UA for fun.  Math relaxes him.   Moira felt the power of her early math skills when she struggled with her 4th grade timed multiplication tests.  Random recall of flashcard facts wasn’t working for her.  We wrote out the times tables and reviewed the patterns…2,4,6,8….3,6,9.12,15…4,8,12,16…  Then a light went off when I reminded her that she had done skip counting at the age of 3.  She knew she could handle it and passed the big, traumatic timed test that very same week.  Ms. Julie will be happy to know that Moira is loving French and has been playing Viola since 4th grade.  These kids love to learn and their confidence comes because they’ve been around these subjects since 3 and they were encouraged with loving tenderness to explore.

Now, I am watching my young adults make choices for their futures directly rooted in the values of community they learned in preschool.  Leo wants to make furniture that is sourced sustainably and follows an ethos of democratic design.  Moira wants to study engineering and marine biology and save the sea turtles.   And even as cantankerous teenagers, they both love visiting Discovery for a hug from Mrs. Mohan and Ms. Hancock.  That is home.

So, if you are hesitating in spending a little more than your average preschool for a Montessori education, understand that this investment is a seed that will show new beautiful blossoms in your child for years to come.  Situations will pop up in their lives where they need to make a choice of what work they want to do, or tackle a Calculus, or design or an engineering problem in 3 dimensions.  For them, that will be familiar.  Maybe not consciously.  But somewhere deep inside, when their minds were sponges, the seed was planted, the roots are strong, and they will center themselves and find their way.

Nancy Prusa, proud mother of Leo and Moira Spinos

Brianna Jarvis (alumni)

Dear Ms. Lakshmi and Ms. Kala,

I don't know if you remember my sisters and I, but we all went to Discovery. Recently I was thinking about my childhood and elementary school and what stood out in my mind was the friendships that I formed, ones that, while I may not keep in everyday contact with, will always live in my heart, lessons that I would not have been taught otherwise, and above all, I remembered ask the people who worked to give me the best education possible. I remember Ms. Hancock teaching me to sew, a skill that I still use today. Ms. Lakshmi teaching me many things, Ms. Jennifer teaching me my last year, Ms. Linn taking care of us in the mornings. Ms. Latha putting up with me on bad Monday mornings, Ms. Damron for teaching me music history, a class that I ended up taking last year, Ms. Julie for teaching me French and art, and I still know some of the French. I remember my friends, Leya, Maya, Shanaya, Maria, Ayaka, and so many more. I remember the presentations I did, the ones that helped me not to be afraid to public speak, even now my classmates say that I am a moderately good orator. I remember the bullies and the help everyone gave me. I remember the speech I wrote for 5th grade graduation, I made jokes and has fun in it, not realizing how much I would miss the place that I was writing about. Reflecting on it, Discovery was one of my favorite places to be, and now that I have left, I truly realize how much I loved it. Please tell all of my former teachers hello and please thank them on my behalf, for going to Discovery was one of the best experiences of my life. Thank you for everything.

Thank you for some of my most treasured memories, 

Brianna Jarvis

P. S. Every word of this is truly heartfelt, no word is false or over exaggerated.